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Classified Ads

Q: Scammers abound - Beware!
A: Anyone can read the ads and, as an advertiser, you may get offers too good to be true. The internet is loaded with scammers who offer to send you a check for more than the purchase price, etc. Often, these scammers are from overseas and use poor English in their communications to you. If in doubt, follow your gut feelings. Use caution when conducting business on the internet. Get phone numbers, talk to the seller (or buyer). Be smart, the Fender Discussion Page, LLC is in no way responsible or liable for transactions gone bad.

Contributing Members FAQ

Q: Who are Contributing Members?
A: Contributing Members are those people who help to support the FDP with a financial donation. The FDP is an independent website, not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Our funding comes from users like you and our site sponsors.

Q: How much does it cost to become a Contributing Member?
A: Annual contributions of $30 or more will get the Contributing Member tag under your username when you post and free photo hosting up to 1 megabyte of space, with a maximum individual image size of 500k. See "Edit User Profile" from any forum page for instructions.

Each additional contribution of $30 will get you a star "*" along with your Contributing Member tag showing your continuing support for the FDP. $30 a year is about 8 cents a day. To keep CM status requires an annual donation or past contributions equaling an annual donation of $30 for the time you've been on the site.

We try to make sure your CM expiration date is in your user profile but you can always email me to check your status if you're not sure.

Q: Do I have to contribute to use the FDP?
A: No. While it's currently optional, we hope you'll derive enough value from the FDP to help out with site expenses. We count on your support to keep the site going. The FDP is supported by both business sponsors and individual Contributing Members. We desire to keep the site balanced between the two instead of loaded with pop-ups, email campaigns, etc.

Q: OK, So how do I become a Contributing Member?
A: If you would like to send a donation via snail mail please send to (be sure to include your username!):

Chris Greene - FDP
2707 N 3000 E
Twin Falls, ID 83301

but the preferred method is via PayPal . You can get posting access to the FDP Classifieds the same day!

Please keep in mind that the rules of the forum apply to all members (no selling or business dealings within the forums). If you do that you will lose your posting privileges. You can regain them by making another contribution of $30. Under no circumstances are Contributing Memberships refunded if you break the forum rules.

Q: What if I don't want to be a Contributing Member but still want to help out?
A: We are grateful for all donations so if you just want to send $15 or $20 we'll note it in your private account records but we have no way of acknowledging it publicly. If you send in a total of $30 (or more) within 12 months of your initial donation, you can achieve CM status that way too.


Q: #1 What are the posting guidelines?
A: 1) Please treat people the way you would wish to be treated (the Golden Rule).

Keep in mind that the comments and opinions of individual posters are just that; comments and opinions. You might get an answer to a question from a 30 year veteran musician or a 13 year old kid. If in doubt, ask for the poster's credentials or check their user profile before you modify a Guitar or amp or make a purchasing decision. The FDP is in no way responsible or liable for misinformation given out by individual members!

2) No profanity (that includes using @$#%* between letters i.e. f#$k), vulgarity, flames, or rude behavior. We expect you to be polite and conduct yourself in a grown-up manner on the FDP. Posting on the FDP Forum is a privilege, not a right. People who have trouble with these guidelines may be suspended from posting, either temporarily or permanently. *Posts may be edited for content or removed for any reason

3) The FDP Forum is not a place for discussion of politics, religion, or other "hot button" issues. This includes taglines (an optional field in your user profile). Religious, political, and other inappropriate references in taglines will cause your account to be suspended and all current posts removed. Hot button issues are determined solely by me and our moderators.

4) Please post your question or comment in the appropriate forum, the forum descriptions are on the main forum page. Misplaced posts are subject to relocation or removal without notice.

5) You are welcome to post a link to your band's website or MP3 site in your posts. But please do not use the FDP to create topics about your band's new record, etc. This is considered hype or spam.

Also, NO commercial links to your own site and NO for sale, wanted, or wanted to trade ads in the forums or your user profile. Use the Classifieds Forum, it's free.

Q: #2 Why was my post removed?
A: See question #1! The FDP Forum is moderated and subject to my and our moderators interpretation of the posting guidelines. If we feel your post was inflammatory, irrelevant, or otherwise inappropriate, it is subject to removal. This is not open for debate. If you complain about it on the forum, you will likely have your account closed as the FDP is not the place for it. If you feel you must protest, do it privately; my email is posted as are, usually, the moderators. Do not expect us to give you an explanation however.

Q: #3 Why was I suspended from being able to post on the Forum?
A: See questions 1 and 2! If you have multiple registrations or an incomplete registration, they will either be removed or suspended. Also, people who publicly attack the FDP, its administrator or moderators, will no longer be welcomed. People who continue to harrass the site after having their accounts closed are subject to legal action taken against them.

Q: Can I post my topic or question in more than one forum?
A: NO! It just clutters up the FDP Forum. Choose ONE forum for your topic, comment, or question. I remove duplicate posts and topics wherever I find them.

If you do it repeatedly, you may find your posting privileges revoked.

Q: What do all the abbreviations mean?
A: Courtesy of "IPLAYLOUD" one of our earliest FDPers:

(_8^(I) Homer Simpson, mascot of the original FDP

Courtesy of Dr. Rog and others:

:-) smile, implies a joke
;-) wink, know what I mean?
:-( frowning, upset, didn't like that remark
:-P tongue in cheek remark
}:-> devilish remark
:-O shouting (or Mr. Bill)
A.A.S.: Amp Acquisition Syndrome
BTT or BTTT: back to top/back to the top
BTW: by the way
DOB: the delete-o-bomb (when a post or topic is removed)
FWIW: for what it's worth
G.A.S.: Guitar Acquisition Syndrome
IMO: in my opinion
IMHO: in my humble opinion
IMNSHO: in my not so humble opinion
LOL: laughing out loud
OTOH: on the other hand
POS: piece of @#$%*!
POV: point of view
ROTFL: rolling on the floor laughing
YMMV: your mileage may vary
@#$%*: expletive deleted
(sp): not sure of the spelling
(sic): I know its wrong, but that's as written

Fender Abbreviations:
AD: American Deluxe series guitars
AS: American Standard series guitars
ASe: American Series guitars
AV: American Vintage series guitars
BF: Black Face Amps
BFDR: Black Face Deluxe Reverb
BFSR: Black Face Super Reverb
CC: Closet Classic (a finish used on some CS guitars)
NOS: New Old Stock
CS: Custom Shop
HRD: Hot Rod Deluxe amp
MIA: Made in America (aka USA)
MIM: Made in Mexico (Fender's Ensenada factory)
MIC: Made in China
MIJ/CIJ: Made in Japan/Crafted in Japan
MIK: Made in Korea
PCB: Printed Circuit Board (amps)
PTP: Point-to-point wired chassis (amps)
Pups: pickups
RI: reissue
SF: Silver Face era amps

Q: OK, so what's the deal with having to register to post?
A: This policy was changed due to a few problems we had on the original site. By registering with your real name and email, we feel there will be fewer problems.

Go into the FDP Forum and click on "New User Registration" and simply follow directions. Pick your Username carefully and do not use your email address as a username! I prefer you use your real name for Username but it is up to you. You do not have to display your email when you post if you choose not to. If you feel like sharing with your fellow FDPers info about your gear, etc., fill out as much additional info in the Profile form as you wish.

When we ask for your real name in the registration, your full first AND last name is required. Failure to comply with this subjects your account to immediate suspension or revocation. Remember, your real name is not subject to public view unless you choose to display it!

Q: How do I post and display my email and/or a website?
A: To post, you will be prompted to enter your username and password when you click the submit button under the "Your Message" window. Most browsers will allow you to save this info so you don't need to submit it each time you make a post. To display your email, simply click on the little "Display my email address" box above the 'Your Message' field before you post your message. By doing so, your name will be highlighted in brown text and people can simply click on your name to send you an email. Do NOT use the "Website" link to post your email address - it won't work!

To add a website link to your message, do not write the address in the body of your message, rather simply fill out the site name and address in the "Link Address" box below the 'Your Message' field. Be sure to give the link a name in the "Link Title" box otherwise the entire URL will appear in your post. When your post appears, the link will be highlighted in brown text. When a reader clicks on the link, a new window will open taking the reader to that site. Please note, improper links within posts will cause the post/topic to get removed when we run across them. Aren't you glad you're reading the FAQ?

Q: How do I post a photo on the FDP Forum?
A: You can't unless you're a Contributing Member. As a CM, you can upload photos in the Edit User Profile link. Be sure the files are .gif or .jpg and keep the file sizes small. Large files will not upload.

Q: Can I link my business URL in my posts or user profile?
A: The FDP is operated as a business and has appropriate advertising rates. Contact me for details.

If you are a dealer or are in a music-related business, you must be a paid advertiser to link a URL to your business, whether on the forum or in your profile.

Members who put their commercial links in their posts or profile without being a paid sponsor or having made prior arrangements will have their accounts closed without warning.

In no instance, however, is a blatant advertisement post allowed, nor do we allow the posting of URL's for get-rich-quick or similar money-making schemes.

Q: "This page can only be accessed by posting from the forum"
A: If you get this message, you probably have a firewall or anti pop-up program running. We know of problems with Norton's firewall and Zone Alarm's anti pop-up programs. In the newer versions of Norton, you can get into the options menu and add www.fenderforum.com to the approved list of sites and that should fix it. On Norton, we've learned that disabling the Privacy Control allows you to keep the firewall on and get in to post. See Symantec's site for details.

Q: Locked threads vs. Deleted (DOB'd) Threads
A: While some threads are deleted for cause, others may be simply locked to new postings. Usually, the reason for this is to save an otherwise interesting discussion that was heading south or venturing into hot button (topics not suitable for our forum - see elsewhere in the posting FAQ) territory.

Q: Is the FDP a business?
A: The FDP is an Idaho Limited Liability Company, solely owned by me as the Managing Member. We have no employees. We contract out work to others as independent contractors on an as needed basis.

Our income is derived from two sources: advertising revenues from our sponsors and member contributions. These funds are deposited in the FDP checking account and are reported as income on our tax return. We also report expenses for all the costs related to running this site. What net amount remains is our taxable income and what remains after that, if anything, is our net profit.

We are not a non-profit.

Q: Can I link to other forums?
A: No. As we are a business (like most of the bigger forums on the net are now), it is not in our interest to send our traffic to other places.

FDP History FAQ

Q: So what's the story behind the FDP?
A: The fairly short version is that I was a regular on the old Telecaster Discussion Page for a couple of years and wanted to talk about other Fender products than just the Tele. I wanted to talk about Stratocasters, Jaguars, Jazzmasters, Mustangs etc., not just Telecasters. Also, I thought that a forum should be hands-on moderated to keep things civil. The TDP was subject to occasional flame wars as are many other forums.

As great as the old TDP was and it in current reincarnation is via the efforts of Paul Green with the TDPRI, I wanted something broader in scope and a little different. I am one of those do not complain, just do it sort of guys soooo...

One Sunday (2/28/99), I was fooling around on the Internet looking for forum software and came across www.eesite.com which has free forum software similar appearing to what we use now. On a lark, I created a message board with some of the categories we still have and set up a home page on www.freeyellow.com. I asked Noam (of the TDP) if I could post an announcement of my new creation there and he said yes. I asked the same of Brad Traweek on the G&L site and a couple other site hosts as well as posting on the newsgroups. People started drifting in and things just picked up.

One day, about a month into the new site, someone claiming to be from Fender posted an informed response to a question about currently manufactured one-piece bodies. Although I was rather sceptical at the time, it turned out to be Doug Mills, Sr. VP of Fender Manufacturing. Apparently, Mike Lewis, then VP Guitars, had discovered the FDP the day we launched the site and told the other guys at Fender. I understand they all watched for awhile to see if I was a loony or not. On that issue, they are still watching but they found a Fender-friendly site dedicated to open and honest discussion of Fender and their products. My goal is that Fender should hear both the good and the bad about what they are doing. As long as people are polite, they can tell Fender pretty much whatever they want.
Initially, the FDP was solely supported by me and the early contributors. I had hoped to keep the FDP strictly user-supported (and you will see on the Contributing Members page that a few Fender guys kicked in out of their own pockets to help) but very few people out of the many registered actually kick in. I realized by the end of 1999 that we would have to take outside money or eventually close the site. Fender stepped up to the plate as have a few sponsors who like what we are doing. While FMIC no longer financially supports the site, they still read and participate from time to time.

The FDP is an entity that I own one hundred percent of and that is why I am so hands on with its day to day operation. I have often said on the forum that posting privileges are just that, as I view the FDP as a party at my house and I like well-mannered guests!

I am not really sure what the future of the site is but I hope it is around for years to come.

Chris Greene - FDP Host and Founder

Q: Who is Chris Greene?
A: I'm just a guy from Idaho who happens to be passionate about all things Fender. I started playing when I was 12 (1963). Growing up in Southern California, I was initially influenced by the Beach Boys. Of course, like many people my age, the Beatles became an even bigger influence after their famous American debut on Ed Sullivan.

My first band was "The Mysterians" in 1963-4 while in junior high. In high school and for years later, I was in a band called "The Reasons Why". Over the years, I was often the only original member but I liked the name. I generally don't gig anymore but do play out occasionally, especially playing jazz piano in a couple local combos.

I was fortunate to be able to retire young from the insurance and investment business and moved from California to Idaho. I am married and have two beautiful boys.

You can see my profile (see any post of mine on the forum) if you're curious about my gear.

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