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A reminder to PLEASE use our advertiser's links on top of every forum page! 2 Chris Greene May 24th, 2017
09:46 AM
Netflix "Ozark" 5 Chris Greene Jul 27th, 2017
02:35 PM
Stock Market has been going nuts 23 Guitar Fool Jul 27th, 2017
01:23 PM
Any recommendations for a *small* air compressor? 3 littleuch Jul 27th, 2017
01:16 PM
Harley Davidson 25 jefe46 Jul 27th, 2017
12:44 PM
I just learned the horrible truth 7 telewired Jul 27th, 2017
12:22 PM
Internal combustion engines (ICE) banned by 2040 31 Charente Jul 27th, 2017
11:51 AM
Scotch sippers; Peat, or not to peat, the question of your taste buds........ 17 side-swipeTelecaster Jul 27th, 2017
11:27 AM
"Hue 1968: A Turning Point of the American War in Vietnam" 11 5Strats Jul 27th, 2017
11:13 AM
June Foray, Voice of ‘Bullwinkle Show’s’ Natasha and Rocky, Dies at 99 3 Scott L. Jul 27th, 2017
10:47 AM
Cooking hotdogs on an open camp fire 23 SS2 Jul 27th, 2017
10:15 AM
New beer in da house. 17 Taildragger Jul 27th, 2017
10:06 AM
Sigh the axe falls again 20 tom l Jul 27th, 2017
09:48 AM
Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen? 9 Taildragger Jul 27th, 2017
09:30 AM
Happy, happy... 3 Taildragger Jul 27th, 2017
09:07 AM
Modern Music Artists 15 JAFO Jul 27th, 2017
08:52 AM
Suggest a good book on US History 22 mfitz804 Jul 27th, 2017
08:20 AM
Just thought some of you may get a kick out of this 12 JAFO Jul 27th, 2017
08:05 AM
FDP approved dog tag 3 professor Jul 27th, 2017
07:38 AM
Ram Bighorn Pickup 61 Leftee Jul 27th, 2017
04:47 AM
THE BRITISH OPEN! 33 6L6 Jul 26th, 2017
10:50 PM
Hiking pics - Hawksbill Summit (SNP) 8 ECS-3 Jul 26th, 2017
07:51 PM
Talk about a "cold shoulder"... 12 Taildragger Jul 26th, 2017
07:46 PM
Anybody else grab the Celtic Frost reissues? 8 reverendrob Jul 26th, 2017
06:54 PM
George Lynch 2017 15 Purple Valley Jul 26th, 2017
05:54 PM
Dad finally gets it 3 Charente Jul 26th, 2017
03:01 PM
First mirrorless camera- seeking advice! 15 Deep Jul 26th, 2017
02:28 PM
Fresh salsa day 5 SS2 Jul 26th, 2017
12:57 PM
Wrenn vs DC ... yesterday 6 BlondeStrat Jul 26th, 2017
11:48 AM
OH Hey'ell NO!! 11 zeprin Jul 26th, 2017
11:27 AM
Plumbing question: which valve is best for this situation? 4 RKSTRAT Jul 26th, 2017
11:06 AM
First World Problems, Add Yours 38 Jake Jul 26th, 2017
10:12 AM
Expanded Use of Firearm Suppressors in Military 6 Gato Jul 26th, 2017
10:04 AM
Here's a coincidence story 5 professor Jul 26th, 2017
08:49 AM
Something is afoot...Skynet Related...it begins. 4 EA6B Jul 26th, 2017
08:43 AM
11 foot 8 inches means exactly that! 11 ECS-3 Jul 26th, 2017
07:15 AM
For the follicly challenged here, do you shave your head? And if so... 32 digiboy Jul 26th, 2017
07:06 AM
Dylan play electric this date in 1965 5 Jake Jul 26th, 2017
06:47 AM
Gas Price Watch - Round II 534 Chris Greene Jul 26th, 2017
06:29 AM
Hunter commits suicide after animal activists cyberbullied her, says report 13 SandBagger Jul 26th, 2017
04:48 AM
Newest member of the family... 17 Mick Reid Jul 26th, 2017
04:34 AM
Any home theatre experts in the house? 4 avsalesman Jul 25th, 2017
11:14 PM
I just learned I had a semi-brush with greatness! 44 Mikeyguitar Jul 25th, 2017
08:01 PM
Pine tar 1 Guitar Fool Jul 25th, 2017
07:58 PM
Guilty of Uncommitted Future Crime! 12 Gato Jul 25th, 2017
04:06 PM
NHL Hockey 2016-17 883 MikeEC Jul 25th, 2017
03:43 PM
"Maybe It Will Go Away If I Ignore It." Kitten vs. Dog 9 SandBagger Jul 25th, 2017
02:49 PM
New Mr. Big - Defying Gravity 28 Pinetree Jul 25th, 2017
02:44 PM
Martin Landau 31 SandBagger Jul 25th, 2017
02:23 PM
Lesser-known lyrics that tickle yout funny bone. 16 Taildragger Jul 25th, 2017
02:20 PM
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FDP Forum / Moe's Tavern (_8^(I)

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