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FDP Forum / Miscellaneous and Non-Fender Topics

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TopicPosts OriginatorLast Post
Free for all: one-at-a-time classified ad for all members 4 reverendrob Oct 25th, 2014
07:28 AM
Non-gear related posts go in Moe's, thanks! (You can all post there now) 1 reverendrob Apr 28th, 2014
05:55 AM
Laney Cub 12R -- 0 for 2. 36 JimmySee Dec 1st, 2015
07:53 PM
The Arcs' Dan Auerbach's new rocket 1 Scotty D Dec 1st, 2015
07:26 PM
Stringing up a guitar for an 8 year old girl 19 mfitz804 Dec 1st, 2015
06:51 PM
Wah Wah question 13 jonnybgoode Dec 1st, 2015
06:49 PM
What is best Vox AC30 Clone 33 telewired Dec 1st, 2015
04:57 PM
Taming saddle-rattle on a Gibson ES guitar 11 tiller2 Dec 1st, 2015
04:46 PM
Line 6 James Tyler Variax 5 5Strats Dec 1st, 2015
04:08 PM
Peavey bandit 112 14 avsalesman Dec 1st, 2015
03:57 PM
Guitar Strings. Do They have an expiration date? 14 stratluvr Dec 1st, 2015
02:05 PM
Jazz Box 32 5Strats Dec 1st, 2015
07:19 AM
Tweed Deluxe (5E3) .......clean to overdrive threshold??? 52 slincoln Nov 30th, 2015
02:15 PM
Caline Snakebite - anyone tried one? 9 Stratopastor Nov 30th, 2015
01:27 PM
Anyone use a Godin A6??? What strings? 7 Tony Wright Nov 30th, 2015
11:08 AM
Who owns a M/B Express 5:25 Plus amp? Experience? 16 reverend mikey Nov 30th, 2015
10:47 AM
NED...Mosaic 12 string simulator. 5 Steve Dallman Nov 29th, 2015
12:26 PM
Da' Champ and the Muff! 3 thumbpicker Nov 29th, 2015
12:15 PM
Loopers! 5 neilp Nov 27th, 2015
05:15 PM
Am thinking about loopers 18 mirrorboy Nov 27th, 2015
09:33 AM
Sudden temp change and dead strings 5 Rigby1027 Nov 26th, 2015
04:08 PM
Ultimate overdrives (part 1) 9 Charente Nov 26th, 2015
12:52 PM
New "budget" pedal day (not using the "c" word here) 25 Mick Reid Nov 26th, 2015
05:41 AM
I've just joined Analogman King of Tone waiting list 12 Superduper Nov 24th, 2015
07:36 PM
SDOTD Guild M-75 Aristocrat 23 jhawkr Nov 24th, 2015
03:49 PM
A Deal on a Dumble..... 16 Coral Head Nov 24th, 2015
09:26 AM
AM radio through an amp. What is the cause? 12 BbendFender Nov 23rd, 2015
07:00 PM
They sound so thin!!! Single coil pups after weeks of humbuckers 29 tiller2 Nov 23rd, 2015
11:12 AM
Lets talk tuners - TC Polytune 2 or Sonic Research Turbo Tuner ST200 12 Stratmanx Nov 23rd, 2015
06:47 AM
Jon Herington demonstrates the Amplitube iRig 11 ECS-3 Nov 23rd, 2015
06:23 AM
I Need a New Delay Pedal 57 5Strats Nov 22nd, 2015
02:10 PM
Interested in Delay 8 whospink Nov 22nd, 2015
08:29 AM
For fans of EHX... 13 Mick Reid Nov 22nd, 2015
07:54 AM
Lots of stands but with deteriorating surgical tubing 15 Mark From Hawaii Nov 21st, 2015
03:14 PM
Uni-Vibe Type Pedal: Where in the chain? 11 RMosack Nov 20th, 2015
11:05 AM
ONE fx pedal you would suggest to others go out and buy it now ? 32 Superduper Nov 20th, 2015
11:00 AM
Does a reissue guitar bring down/affect the price on the non reissue guitar? 14 jonnybgoode Nov 19th, 2015
05:36 PM
Ibanez RC330 T 18 Bubbalou Nov 19th, 2015
01:43 PM
Got a Gibson F-5 "Lloyd Loar" mandolin laying around? 15 Tony Salieri Nov 18th, 2015
06:24 PM
Have you even tried new strings for 1/2 hour and removed them? 31 mr.gibson Nov 18th, 2015
05:08 PM
Do you ever take strings of and put back on for any reason? 17 mr.gibson Nov 17th, 2015
05:04 PM
Vox AC15 15 mcrofutt Nov 16th, 2015
04:40 PM
Allen Amp Discussion Thread 1899 jhinds Nov 16th, 2015
03:40 PM
Which Ibanez 18 Martin G Nov 16th, 2015
02:30 PM
Chinese fake inspection 3 Steve Dallman Nov 15th, 2015
10:14 PM
Picked up Microcube for $47. 8 BbendFender Nov 15th, 2015
09:23 AM
Pedal combinations YOU have found work astonishingly well together ? 25 Superduper Nov 14th, 2015
08:34 PM
Inexpensive gear that's fundamental to your sound ? 52 Superduper Nov 13th, 2015
06:23 PM
Double Neck Axe 12 scott-s Nov 13th, 2015
05:25 PM
Great find on some blonde tolex at surplus store. 12 BbendFender Nov 12th, 2015
08:08 AM
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FDP Forum / Miscellaneous and Non-Fender Topics

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