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FDP Forum / Tin Pan Alley - Songwriting / Here ya go Slim

Contributing Member


Too Much GAS
Dec 27th, 2014 05:00 AM   Edit   Profile  

Here's my latest song Slim. It was posted over in the Home Recording forum. Here's the link to it.




Dec 27th, 2014 11:41 AM   Edit   Profile  

Well Geebus Nin you just can't do that to people!! Seriously dude the loss of one's dog is sacred and should really be kept that way. And then posting the picture of I presume the dog in question? When I now happen to come across a picture of my now passed ( 4 years ) Bernese " Big Boy " I smile and say hi to him but if I dwell it still hurts.I understand the self therapy but just the same....you've got to think about your audience no?
Your lyrics are honest, true and heartfelt. I really don't know how you got thru it.
You certainly have learned how to write a song.
Production & arrangement very well done.
Topic : verbotin!!
One word caught my attention as twisted as I may be and as special as your dog was they ( dogs ) usually don't have a "fragrance" (lol) and aroma may be pushing it. Flowers have fragrance. But then again you may have been shampooing the dog in a herbal bath for all I know.
Got sumpin I can tap my foot to?lol
Take it with a grain my friend !!!

Contributing Member


Too Much GAS
Dec 27th, 2014 12:37 PM   Edit   Profile  

Well...yeah...it started out being about the dog but, it morphed over time to include "one's significant other." The fragrance thing started out being 'perfume' but I thought 'fragrance' covered more area and could be interpreted in different ways by different people. In the perfume commercials they are always using "fragrance" as a noun to describe their product. And yes, that's the dog in the photo. If you hadn't seen the picture what would you have thought it was about?

I have a good friend who lost his wife to cancer a couple of years ago and I tried to look at the loss from his perspective too. That's where some of the lines came from. Particularly the last verse. I had the rest of the lyrics already written but decided that the music needed another verse.

BTW, I was thinking about my audience when I wrote the music part. When I wrote the lyrics and melody, about a year ago, it was all about me and my little buddy. I tried to write the music in a way that anyone would understand how I felt when the lyrics were written.

It WAS therapeutic for me to write this song but it was tough. There were times when I had to stop and put it away because it hurt too much. This is another one that wrote itself. The story is somewhat real and somewhat fiction but the emotion was absolutely real. I tried to make it sound as sad as I could. I'm hoping that came across in the end. That's what music is all about isn't it? If it "got to you" then I did my job.

I have to take advantage of highly emotional situations like that because I'm pretty stoic and not much of anything gets to me.

Here's another one. You can kinda tap your foot to it.


(This message was last edited by ninworks at 02:47 PM, Dec 27th, 2014)



Dec 27th, 2014 01:35 PM   Edit   Profile  

Nin..it didn't get to me. The remembrance of the loss of my dog got to me. What got to me was the audacity of your good self to even put that song " out there " and THAT was what my ramble was about.
And if that's what stoic means then that is indeed what you are.
You told me it was about your dog before I heard the song. I won't be able to change that now.
Will listen to the other later. Thanks.

FDP Forum / Tin Pan Alley - Songwriting / Here ya go Slim

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