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FDP Forum / Fender Guitars: Telecasters / 2016 American Elite Telecaster



May 22nd, 2018 04:23 PM   Edit   Profile  

I am going to look at a used telecaster tomorrow. What is the best way to make sure this is guitar has been built in California. Please forgive me if I sound really dumb, only been taking lessons for 7 or 8 months on my acoustic guitar but really want an electric also. Found a 2016 American Elite telecaster and seller is asking $1200. Just don't want to get burned.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated,

Moderator Emeritus
(with many stars)

NW Pennsylvania

May 22nd, 2018 04:33 PM   Edit   Profile  

It's going to have Corona on the neck plate and Made In USA on the headstock.

Contributing Member


After 30 years, I should play better.
May 22nd, 2018 05:00 PM   Edit   Profile  

Also it's going to have 22 frets (one past the last dot).

Contributing Member

USA/Taos, NM

May 22nd, 2018 05:06 PM   Edit   Profile  

Take a real good look at these images from the Fender website. Note the bridge assembly with the specific type of saddles, the neck adjustment at the heel (guitar) end of the neck. Yes...22 frets, Made in USA on the headstock, etc. Memorizing these images will be helpful in guiding you accurately. Make notes to take with you if you don't trust your memory.

American Elite Tele

Contributing Member

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in a cake shop
May 22nd, 2018 05:24 PM   Edit   Profile  

The best thing you can do is take someone with you who knows guitars, and knows what to look for (damaged frets, non-functioning truss rod, and other possible hidden issues. Perhaps your instructor? Buy 'em lunch for their trouble.

Sometimes you find a guitar that looks really good and works fine, but later discover the seller was offloading it because it had issues or didn't want to pony up for repair costs.

Buying a 2nd-hand guitar is like buying a used car. If you know what to look for, you can save yourself some grief if the seller is not 100% forthcoming. Unless the seller has a customer satisfaction guarantee (in writing), you are rolling the dice going in as a newbie.

But you will learn this stuff as you get further into playing!

Welcome to the FDP.

Guitar Fool
Contributing Member

Sunshine State

What is wrong with men being men?
May 22nd, 2018 08:17 PM   Edit   Profile  

do an ebay search...it should give you some insight on what it looks like and pricing.....

good luck

FDP Forum / Fender Guitars: Telecasters / 2016 American Elite Telecaster

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