Username:  Charlie Macon

Real Name:  Charlie Macon

Age:   53

Country/Location:  Austin, Texas

'83 Fender Telecaster
'07 Fender Stratocaster (MIM Standard)
'06 Gibson Les Paul Studio Vintage Mahogany
'02 Epiphone Casino
'00 Danelectro DC3
'79 Hondo II Les Paul Copy

'05 Gibson J45
'96 Gibson Formula 1S
'01 Seagull S12+ Cedar
'06 Alvarez AC60SC
'02 Takamine Santa Fe ESF-40C
'81 Yamaha FG-335
'6? Stella 6-string acoustic
'03 Fender Jazz Bass (MIM Standard)
'78 Silvertone Bass
'14 Danelectro 12-string

'08 Peavey Ecoustic 110
'08 1965 Fender Twin Reverb Reissue
'11 Vox AC15-C1
'01 Peavey Classic 30BT
'78 Fender Princeton Reverb
'78 Silvertone 10BXL
'81 Fender Harvard Reverb
'07 Fender B-DEC30




How I found the FDP: link

Date registered:  Jun 7th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: The 4- and 12-strings (192 k)
Photo: 2001 Seagull S12+ Cedar (16 k)
Photo: 83 Telecaster and Peavey Classic 30 (19 k)
Photo: Amps-a-plenty (201 k)
Photo: April 2017 Box Turtles (411 k)
Photo: Canoe of puppies (279 k)
Photo: Casino and Twin Reverb Reissue (21 k)
Photo: Father and son sunburst Telecasters (205 k)
Photo: Gibson Formula 1S (16 k)
Photo: Gibson J45 (144 k)
Photo: Gibson Les Paul Studio Vintage Mahogany (21 k)
Photo: Go Saints! (18 k)
Photo: Happy Holidays from the Macons! (459 k)
Photo: Horseshoes-a-Plenty (41 k)
Photo: Inherited by marriage! (72 k)
Photo: Isabella the Three-Toed Box Turle (75 k)
Photo: Lab Puppies in a Blizzard (93 k)
Photo: Lubbock, TX, 1989 (56 k)
Photo: Me and My Two Favorite Musicians (130 k)
Photo: Molly and Stella (95 k)
Photo: Molly-Stella (60 k)
Photo: My wife as a teen hellion (45 k)
Photo: New Danelectro 12-string from Santa Claus, 2014 (292 k)
Photo: Our friend the Rat Snake (first photo) (449 k)
Photo: Our friend the Rat Snake (Photo #2) (462 k)
Photo: Sally (274 k)
Photo: Sally and remnants of Snow Man (17 k)
Photo: Sally's first gig every single day of the year! (124 k)
Photo: Sears Bass and Silvertone 10BXL Amp (23 k)
Photo: Shellby (125 k)
Photo: Shellby on the trampoline (26 k)
Photo: Shellby, settling down for hibernation (437 k)
Photo: Stella (21 k)
Photo: Stratocaster (15 k)
Photo: Takamine Santa Fe (20 k)
Photo: Texigryphaea shell hash (181 k)
Photo: The Electric Three (180 k)
Photo: The guitar that made me feel like a teen again! (139 k)
Photo: Town Mountain Granite, Texas (59 k)
Photo: Two 6-string friends (201 k)
Photo: Veritable cornucopia of Labrador Retrievers (212 k)
Photo: Vox AC15-1C and Gibson Les Paul Studio Vintage Mahogany (20 k)
Photo: Youngest son at Trailer Bazaar (94 k)

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