Username:  CheesyBob

Real Name:  

Age:   47

Country/Location:  The 'Natti


The Mando-V
83 Strat Sunburst
SRV Strat
Oscar Schmidt OE30 Blue Burst
Oscar Schmidt OE30 Tobacco Burst, open tuned for slide
Squier Standard Tele, Antique Burst
Agile AL2000 Cherry Sun Burst with P90's
First Act V-dub axe
Guild DC-1E Acoustic/Electric
'78 Takamine 12 string acoustic
Samick Jumbo 6 string Acoustic
Rogue A style mandolin
Rogue Lap Steel
FreeBass CB Rebuild Acoustic Electric Bass
SX Country 5 String Banjo

Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
Line 6 Spider IV 75w
Marshal MG10CD
Fender MiniTwin

Bad Monkey
Analog Man TS9/808
Rat2 Distortion
Boss CS3
Boss CH1
Jim Dunlop JH1 WAH
Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ
Digitech Turbo Flange
MXR Carbon Copy
Korg Pitchblack Tuner
Coolcat Tremelo


Excel 4 channel PA
Fostex MR8 mkII
MXL990/991 mic package
Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer


Pulse 5 Piece Drum kit with Zildjian ZBT's


Rogue LX400 Bass
Ibanez SW35 Bass Amp


My first *
Beer Fridge / Kegerator



Comments:  I'm still here.

How I found the FDP:  Google for 83 Strat

Date registered:  Oct 8th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Bar1 (75 k)
Photo: bar2 (58 k)
Photo: Bar3 (65 k)
Photo: Bar4 (62 k)
Photo: Bar5 (75 k)
Photo: Bar6 (44 k)
Photo: Bob's 83 (41 k)
Photo: Bob's SRV (48 k)
Photo: Bodies drying, Reds on the pixel. Tube? (214 k)
Photo: Brooklyn II (440 k)
Photo: Brooklyn II at last nights auction. (195 k)
Photo: Brooklyn Ukulele (379 k)
Photo: Brooklyn Ukulele 2 (436 k)
Photo: Cassius Clay (28 k)
Photo: CB Guitars (220 k)
Photo: CB Guitars CB04 aka Frank (81 k)
Photo: CB Tap Handle (176 k)
Photo: CB01 (100 k)
Photo: CB04 (96 k)
Photo: Cherry Burst. 2 Sapele and 1 Ash. (58 k)
Photo: Do you know this person? (15 k)
Photo: Drews Buck (126 k)
Photo: FDP Jam 1-26-08 (76 k)
Photo: Frankenmonster (207 k)
Photo: Fret slotting jig. (310 k)
Photo: Garage Heat (43 k)
Photo: Hank Hill? (41 k)
Photo: Happy Halloween (62 k)
Photo: Help (31 k)
Photo: Help 2 (35 k)
Photo: HOG N Home (44 k)
Photo: Hotel Life (415 k)
Photo: How not to make a knife (187 k)
Photo: If it holds, I think I finished. (273 k)
Photo: It is more organized than it looks. (226 k)
Photo: It's Snowing (61 k)
Photo: Knives and Leather (85 k)
Photo: Last Coat of Nitro (131 k)
Photo: Max (60 k)
Photo: Max and his CB Guitar's shop bed. (44 k)
Photo: Max will make verticle an issue. (181 k)
Photo: Max, up to no good (196 k)
Photo: Me and the Guys (102 k)
Photo: My necks (186 k)
Photo: My Tele (77 k)
Photo: Necks and cavity caps get the firs coat of vinyl sealer (165 k)
Photo: Needs a hat (43 k)
Photo: Pedalboard 1 (58 k)
Photo: Peeps Show (32 k)
Photo: Race day. (77 k)
Photo: Save Gas (133 k)
Photo: Shadoe Knows (75 k)
Photo: Shiv 2 (156 k)
Photo: Snow Dog (85 k)
Photo: SRV2 (39 k)
Photo: Talks to Angels tab (159 k)
Photo: Test Drive (23 k)
Photo: testing, testing, testing 1, 2, 3 (37 k)
Photo: The Douglas (31 k)
Photo: The Gang (75 k)
Photo: Untitled (14 k)
Photo: Us (93 k)
Photo: Velvet Quicksand (92 k)
Photo: Wall Art (76 k)
Photo: Who Dey Tree (64 k)

Musician Ad: Want to Add People to Band: Cincinnati / Colerain, Ohio (United States): Bass Player needed for Wednesday Night non gig

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