Username:  De ville

Real Name:  

Age:   46

Country/Location:  WA

Guitars and amps.




How I found the FDP:  Google

Date registered:  Sep 29th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1960A with LP Junior Special P-90 (63 k)
Photo: 200-500 not cropped. (153 k)
Photo: 2000 HD Dyna 1 (94 k)
Photo: Black strap almost done (158 k)
Photo: epiphone 339 Pro P90 PB (211 k)
Photo: epiphone 339 Pro P90 pic 2 (254 k)
Photo: epiphone 339 Pro P90 pic 3 (372 k)
Photo: Leather work station (104 k)
Photo: Marshall 1960A (59 k)
Photo: Marshall 1960A Cab (59 k)
Photo: Marshall 1960A LPJS p-90 (78 k)
Photo: Moe's Tavern (113 k)
Photo: New York Strip and My new Shun (442 k)
Photo: New York strip cut up (385 k)
Photo: P-51 carnage! (177 k)
Photo: P-51 Emergency Landing (167 k)
Photo: P-51 Retracts up Motor off (187 k)
Photo: Pelican 1555 (99 k)
Photo: Seiko 1 (134 k)
Photo: Shun (303 k)
Photo: Side burnishing (111 k)
Photo: Skatecaster headstock (232 k)
Photo: Strap after stitching (103 k)
Photo: Strap completed placed showing 1st & 2nd retainers (134 k)
Photo: Strap on the old wrist. (114 k)
Photo: Strap retainer after stitching chisel punching. (103 k)
Photo: Strap retainer ends joined (97 k)
Photo: Strap retainer stitching started (110 k)
Photo: Strap size comparison (120 k)
Photo: Taylorcraft (231 k)
Photo: The Marshall AVT 150 combo with extra cab. (55 k)
Photo: This is rodent. (137 k)
Photo: Unboxing 1960A (65 k)
Photo: Walk of shame! (240 k)

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