Username:  ECS-3

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Age:   66

Country/Location:  USA / Virginia





How I found the FDP:  google

Date registered:  Jun 3rd, 2003

Contributing Membership Expires:  5/15/19

Photo: 1918 South Bend Pocket Watch (130 k)
Photo: 1951 Hammond RT-2 Console (216 k)
Photo: 2 cup Esbit Stove with 1 fuel tab (118 k)
Photo: 2 Cup Esbit Stove with Reflectix Cozy ready to pack (207 k)
Photo: 5 Piece ESBIT Cookset (CS985HA) (139 k)
Photo: Abandoned Car - Broad Hollow (Shenandoah National Park) (416 k)
Photo: Abandoned Homestead - Broad Hollow (SNP) (387 k)
Photo: Accutron 214 Gold Filled (1967) (229 k)
Photo: Big Run (Shenandoah National Park) (310 k)
Photo: Black bear near Dickey Ridge Visitor Center (SNP) (233 k)
Photo: Blue Ridge Heritage Project (2) (375 k)
Photo: Blue Ridge Heritage Project - Madison County, Virginia (348 k)
Photo: Coated bullets from Missouri Bullet Co. (164 k)
Photo: Cocke Pharmacy "Where friends meet" (299 k)
Photo: Dad in uniform (117 k)
Photo: Fender Rumble 115 Cab + TC Electronic RH-450 Head (211 k)
Photo: Fraser, Colorado at the Continental Divide (377 k)
Photo: German SA Dagger (188 k)
Photo: Glock brass bulge (11 k)
Photo: Heathkit GC-1092A Clock (144 k)
Photo: Largest section left of a B-25 (360 k)
Photo: Longines Ultra-Chron (173 k)
Photo: Minimal cookset (218 k)
Photo: Mom @ Medical College of Virginia ca. 1947 (265 k)
Photo: My dog Tita in 1957 (159 k)
Photo: My old Kabar 1205 (190 k)
Photo: Opinel No. 8 - Closed (145 k)
Photo: Opinel No. 8 - Open (136 k)
Photo: PID Controller - inside view (249 k)
Photo: PID Controller and Lee Melting Pot (233 k)
Photo: Rose River (headwaters) around 2,400 feet (397 k)
Photo: Ruger Vaquero Bisley (198 k)
Photo: S&W 629 in Mernickle Holster (159 k)
Photo: S&W 629 left side (140 k)
Photo: S&W 629 right side (125 k)
Photo: S&W 637 / 38 special (157 k)
Photo: Solomons fishing trip - 1970's (92 k)
Photo: Spillway at Oroville Dam (336 k)
Photo: Spitler Knoll Overlook - Shenandoah National Park (282 k)
Photo: Take a Hike Poster (46 k)
Photo: Tankhouse in Nokesville, VA (372 k)
Photo: Tenkara Fly Rod (112 k)
Photo: Tita - June '58 (216 k)

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