Username:  HeavyDuty

Real Name:  

Age:   56

Country/Location:  Northeast IL

Three AmStd Precision 5s (two fretted, one fretless), two AmDlx Dimension 5Hs, Musicman 25th Anniversary Reflex 5H, Musicman Bongo 5H, Musicman Sterling 5H, MusicMan StingRay 5H (solid rosewood neck), Kiesel AW5, Steinberger Synapse 5 fretted, Steinberger Synapse 5 fretless, Musicman Sterling 4H, G&L L-1000, Emerald Balor 5, Tacoma Thunderchief 5 (x 2), Gold Tone Micro Bass 23, G-K MB500, G-K MB200, G-K Neo 410, 2 G-K Neo 112s, 2 Bag End S15-Ds, G-K MB150E-112 + 112MBX, G-K 400RB, Peavey 1516 2x8 + 1x15, B-DEC, AmStd Stratocaster, AmStd Telecaster, Gibson Les Paul Studio T, Rickenbacker 650D, Gibson SG-I, Epi ES-339 Pro, Republic 804 Resolian Resonator, RainSong Shorty, RainSong WS3000, Katana 100 1x12, VCXD, Vox VT-30, Electar 10 tube combo.




How I found the FDP:  It was a condition of my release.

Date registered:  Dec 8th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 2004 Honda VT750C Shadow Aero (51 k)
Photo: 2006 Miata Sport (159 k)
Photo: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio T - 2 (72 k)
Photo: 2016 Gibson Les Paul Studio T 1 (59 k)
Photo: 660/12 (261 k)
Photo: adr2 jonesing (58 k)
Photo: Aero without pillion (223 k)
Photo: Bacon Flow Chart (92 k)
Photo: Bare Bones Bag 1 (158 k)
Photo: Bare Bones Bag 2 (242 k)
Photo: Bare Bones Bag 3 (152 k)
Photo: Before the Rush (188 k)
Photo: Bond with Donkey (101 k)
Photo: Call the Sleeper! (159 k)
Photo: Cars of the Century (183 k)
Photo: Garden Alley (204 k)
Photo: Happy Bond (113 k)
Photo: Kewaunee, WI Lighthouse (336 k)
Photo: Leica M6 (238 k)
Photo: Mosaic (225 k)
Photo: My old M3 (137 k)
Photo: New to me AmStd Precision 5 (332 k)
Photo: Ouch! (52 k)
Photo: RainSong Shorty (42 k)
Photo: Riptide (269 k)
Photo: Seiko "Transocean" SBDC039 (22 k)
Photo: Seiko 2TSB Monster (323 k)
Photo: Seiko 5 Military Watch (92 k)
Photo: Seiko Burst Monster (193 k)
Photo: Seiko Monster "Vampire" and SKX007 (125 k)
Photo: Seiko SKX007 w/ Strapcode Super Oyster II (100 k)
Photo: Seiko SRP309 Orange Monster (130 k)
Photo: Seiko SRP313 "Vampire" Monster (126 k)
Photo: Seiko SRP637 "Monster Tuna" (106 k)
Photo: Seiko SRP775 "Turtle" Reissue (126 k)
Photo: Seiko Stealth Vampire Monster (123 k)
Photo: Sesame Street Terror Levels (21 k)
Photo: Shadow bench (320 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 1 (255 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 2 (207 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 3 (184 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 4 (138 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 5 (202 k)
Photo: SR5 Rosewood Neck - 6 (210 k)
Photo: USPS Response to Google Drones (106 k)
Photo: Windows and Light (173 k)

Musician Ad: Want to Jam: Far Western Suburbs of Chicago, IL (United States): Basement bassist looking for jam partners

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