Username:  Hoodster

Real Name:  

Age:   52

Country/Location:  Mike in Oregon


2001 American Series Strat, semi-rare Sky Blue finish, maple board, Callaham block, Duncan Phat Cat pickups.

Light Relic Tele--2001 AmSe rosewood board neck & Earvana nut, USACG alder body finished in nitro vintage white, currently Esquired with Duncan Jerry Donahue pup and RS Guitarworks Modern Esquire wiring kit, Trem King vibrato (Awesome unit).

2003 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker, single Lollar P90, TV Yellow.

2011 Taylor GS Mini.


Fender PRRI with Emi Legend 105 and Allen Tranny.

Fender Silverface Champ modded into a custom cab with a Weber Ceramic Signature 8.

Griffiths Sound 1X12 blonde/oxblood cab with Weber Ceramic Sig 12.

Yamaha THR5

Roland Micro Cube




How I found the FDP:  link from Kinman's site

Date registered:  Sep 13th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  expired

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