Username:  JDRNoPro

Real Name:  James Ring


Country/Location:  USA/Maine

Fender Lone Star strat 3TSB, 2001 52RI Tele, 2006 Standard Tele Arctic White, 2008 Classic 50s Esquire, CV50 Tele, CVC Tele, CV Thinline Tele, 2012 AV62 OW Jazzmaster, 2012 Burgundy Mist 50th Anni. Jaguar, Surf Green Squier VM Jag, Sonic Blue Squier VM Jazzmaster, Gibson Les Paul Classic honeyburst, 01AmSe strat hot rod red, 50th Anniversary AmSe strat 2TSB, 2001 AV57RI strat Inca Silver, CS69TM strat Black, Fender PRRI, 74 SFDR, 74 SFSR, 5F1 Champ clone, 5E3 Deluxe clone, Fender VM Champ reissue, rVox AD15vt, Vox Pathfinder 15R, Larrivee D-03R acoustic, 74 Ibanez vintage series 12 string acoustic, Art& Lutherie 12 string, Taylor 355ce 12 string, Martin 000-15SM, Taylor GS mini



Comments:  Great Forum

How I found the FDP:  looking for Fender info

Date registered:  Jan 14th, 2004

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