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Country/Location:  Australia

all Lefty's
Fender Custom Shop 61 Strat -Shell Pink
Fender Custom Shop 59 Strat - Oly White Journeyman
Fender Custom Shop 55 Ash Strat -Two Tone Journeyman
Fender Custom Shop 52 Telecaster - Nocaster blonde
Fender US Standard Strat 93 -Black
Fender American Tele 97- 3TSB
Fender US 52 RI Tele - Honey Blonde sold
Fender MIJ 57 r/i Strat with 57/62 Pups- Vin White
Fender MIJ 62 r/i Strat with Texas Special Pups - 3TSB
MIM modded Esquire - Natural Ash Sold
Fender MIJ 62 RI Tele - Candy Apple Red
D'Angelico Elixir EXL1
Gretsch 6128 Elliot Easton Duo Jet hard tail in Cadillac green
Gretsch G6120 Chet Atkins Trans Orange
Ibanez Les Paul (lawsuit era)
Danelectro U2 Black
Cole Clark Lap Slide
Epiphone Sheraton
Epiphone Casino
Gibson Les Paul Traditional 2012 Cherry Burst
Gibson '60's Tribute Studio in Gold top with P90's
Squire Frankenstien Strat(my mad scientist Guitar)
Artist Grungemaster with p90's

OMI Duolian Dobro Metal Body
Cole Clark Fat Lady Acoustic
2015 Martin D35 50 Anniversary
2015 Larrivee 00-50
2016 Taylor Mini Koa
Washburn Acoustic

Cort P Bass

Marshall 1974X
Fender 410 Deville
Home made 2 watt amp




How I found the FDP:  Time Consuming

Date registered:  May 14th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 3 Tone in the Sun (218 k)
Photo: 52 Fender Custom shop tele (408 k)
Photo: 52 US RI Tele (223 k)
Photo: 55 Close up (221 k)
Photo: 55 Journeyman Relic (314 k)
Photo: 55 Journeyman Strat (395 k)
Photo: 59 Journeyman Lefty (412 k)
Photo: Artist Grungemaster (275 k)
Photo: Back martin Larrivee (297 k)
Photo: Custom Shop "Candy" (205 k)
Photo: Gretsch 6120 Chet (275 k)
Photo: Gretsch Elliot Easton Duo Jet Cadillac Green (419 k)
Photo: Guitar Buyers Guide (43 k)
Photo: Lap Slide (100 k)
Photo: Les Paul Traditional (171 k)
Photo: Les Paul Traditional (203 k)
Photo: Marshall 1974X (216 k)
Photo: Marshall and Cheapo Offset JM copy (420 k)
Photo: Martin and Larrivee (443 k)
Photo: MIJ 62RI Candy Apple (119 k)
Photo: Pepper at 2 months (45 k)
Photo: Pepper at 6 months with attitude (20 k)
Photo: Pink My Gilmour inspired guitar (298 k)
Photo: Strat Gretsch and DRRI (446 k)

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