Username:  Mick Reid

Real Name:  

Age:   56

Country/Location:  Australia

Less than I used to have, more than I need...
Guitars... amps... pedals...




How I found the FDP:  fell into it...

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  8/30/19

Photo: 2-point vibrato "decked" (150 k)
Photo: 2018 Tele Build v1.0 (225 k)
Photo: 2018 Tele Build v1.0 front/back (287 k)
Photo: Alder Strat with Tru Oil finish (298 k)
Photo: Black n White (282 k)
Photo: Blues Cube footswitch (185 k)
Photo: Channel footswitch guts - for Pinetree (186 k)
Photo: Chipped nut slot (178 k)
Photo: Cinder (123 k)
Photo: Cinder - "pedal hound" (269 k)
Photo: Cosmetic Surgery on 2 Caline Pedals (262 k)
Photo: Custom LP Truss Rod Cover (91 k)
Photo: CV 50's Tele shielding (124 k)
Photo: DIY FX loop cable (113 k)
Photo: Dummy pickup (245 k)
Photo: Dummy pickup 2 (71 k)
Photo: Epi-caster (216 k)
Photo: finish repair help (224 k)
Photo: Heavily Modded 2002 Squier Strat (226 k)
Photo: Indonesian-made Epi LP Special II (262 k)
Photo: Mahogany Neck finished with Tru Oil (254 k)
Photo: Main Pedalboard 2018 (241 k)
Photo: Mini Pedalboard 2018 (239 k)
Photo: Modified body contours (413 k)
Photo: My dog Cinder checkin' out my new ride! (60 k)
Photo: My paint rig/jig thing (233 k)
Photo: My Project LP (328 k)
Photo: Nut slot repair (189 k)
Photo: Red Blues (198 k)
Photo: Reversed Tele Control Plate (138 k)
Photo: Strato Tele (245 k)
Photo: Tele knobs with dots (69 k)
Photo: Wonky nut (91 k)

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