Username:  RDR

Real Name:  

Age:   66

Country/Location:  I tried to think

2002 Amer Series Strat, Sunburst
2014 Epiphone "Inspired by Lennon" Casino
2016 Gretsch G5422TDC
1995 ES-335 Red
2005 LP Special Doublecut, faded, P-90s
1973 Martin D-41
Tele Partscaster "Mojocaster"
2014 Fender Std. Stratocaster FSR Gold (!)
2014 Gibson Les Paul Melody Maker
2014 Fender Baja Telecaster
2015 Epiphone ES-339 Pro
2017 Gibson Les Paul Tribute Goldtop
2013 Gibson SG Standard
1966 Bandmaster w/Custom 1X15 cabinet
1972 Princeton Reverb w/ matching 12" ext. cabinet
2011 Deluxe Reverb Ltd Edition
2012 Super Champ X2
2012 Mustang Mini
2017 Vox AC15C1
Bunch 'o Pedals

Blackface Super Reverb-Sold. I was a dope.
Silver Face Twin Reverb-Sold. Another dopey action
1969 LP Goldtop, P-90s- Sold! Had it 42 years.
2003 Fender Custom Tele,SOLD!
200? Lite Ash Strat- Sold, kinda sorry
200? Ibanez AM-73T - Sold!
200? Hamer Echotone Sold!
2008 Squier Vintage Modified Thinline- Sold!
1968 Champ SOLD! Dopey
1971 Vibro Champ-Sold! Dopey
1966 Bassman head-traded
200? Hot Rod Deluxe- SOLD!
Roland Micro Cube (w/Weber 6" speaker)=SOLD
2008 Super Champ XD= SOLD
2010 Squier Classic Vibe Custom Tele- Sold!
1976 Deluxe Reverb- SOLD! w/right of first refusal
2009 Blackheart Handsome Devil Head and Cab-Sold!
2010 PRS SE Custom Semi w/P90's- Sold!
Epiphone Casino- Sold!
Boss ME-70- Sold
2011 Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute- Goldtop- Sold
2012 PRS SE Santana- orange- Sold!
2010 Les Paul 50's Tribute- Goldtop P-90s-SOLD!
2012 Nashville Tele w/ B-Bender- SOLD!




How I found the FDP:  Fender Link

Date registered:  May 23rd, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  2/16/19

Photo: 2013 SG (132 k)
Photo: 66 Bandmaster (230 k)
Photo: 66 Bandmaster w/ Custom Cab (151 k)

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