Username:  RicOkc

Real Name:  

Age:   62

Country/Location:  Nicoma Park, OK.

1)'95 Amer. Standard Strat, Sonic Blue
Earvana nut,Fender Hot Noiseless(neck & mid),SD JB Jr.(bridge),Blade Runner Bridge,Schaller locking tuners

2)2010 Gibson "Les Paul Special" TV Yellow,w/2 P-90's

3)2009 Fender Special Edition Amer. Standard Strat, Surf Green, 1 0f 300 worldwide
w/matching headstock
Fender Fat 50 pups,Callaham modded bridge

4)2000 Fender Telecaster '52 RI Blonde
w/Tweed case

5)2007-2010 '62 Reissue Fender Custom Telecaster (MIJ) 3TSB w/Bigsby Trem.
Updated pots & 4 way switch,SD pup's

6)2013 Gibson Les Paul 1961 Les Paul/SG Tribute Cherry

7)2012 Gibson Les Paul Trad. Pro, Cherry Burst
SD JB Bridge pup, SD 59 neck

8) 2016 Epiphone '58 Korina Flying V

9) 2003 Ibanez S-470

10) Ron Lira Custom Strat.Style
Seamour Duncan Pick-ups
Pau ferro body
Wenge Neck
Floyd Rose System

Line 6 Flextone II amp. W/ floor board

Fender Super Sonic 60 / 112 (Blond w/Ox Blood)

Thomas Organ Co. Cry Baby Wah
LINE 6 Roto-Machine
Orig. Marshall Gov'nor distortion
Danelectro "Vibe" (Modded)
Ibanez DE-7 (Delay)
Boss CH-1 Chorus
Rocktron Hush IIX
Turbo Tuner
A/B Box
Rifftone "Performer" Power Supply RT-10
Option 5 Destination Rotation Single
Boss DD-7 Delay
Audio Technica Wireless
Line 6 Tap Tremolo
Pro Co Rat 2



Comments:  "There's a very thin line between clever & stupid" Spinal Tap I became disabled ten years ago due to heart disease,high Blood Pressure, Asthma and spinal arthritis. Working and having a guitar slung across my back for hours at a time are no longer possible. I have the same spinal disease (Ankylosing Spondylitis) as Mick Mars of Motley Crue. I was formally trained for five years on woodwinds, one year percussion, and eventually switched to guitar (self taught) at thirteen. Working for a concert promoter in the early 70's taught me many valuable dos & don't s concerning music & business. Played locally for years and later 2 road bands.

How I found the FDP:  Made a left turn at Albuquerque

Date registered:  Apr 12th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

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