Username:  RonC_Picker

Real Name:  

Age:   74

Country/Location:  Az

Martin OCXE,
Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass,
Fender Std Jazz Bass,
Squier Classic Vibe 60's Precision Bass,
Fender Stratocaster (Eric Clapton model),
Fender Esquire GT.

Fender RI 65 Super Reverb
Fender Bassman 25
GK MB210
GK MBE212 extension cabinet



Comments:  Other Hobbies/Interests: Classic Mustangs Astronomy Photography

How I found the FDP:  From Mr Gearhead site

Date registered:  Mar 15th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 64-1/2 Must Conv (109 k)
Photo: 65 Conv and MrsC 1995 (370 k)
Photo: 65 Red Mustang Fastback (482 k)
Photo: AAA Card Key (259 k)
Photo: At USAF Tech School Amarillo AFB, TX 1963 (442 k)
Photo: Bree and Me in Sedona (72 k)
Photo: Dove Stretching Wings (165 k)
Photo: Here's My GT (265 k)
Photo: Kauai Sunset (71 k)
Photo: Keya's Brad Pitt (476 k)
Photo: Kimber (7 k)
Photo: M1 Garand (268 k)
Photo: NASCAR Wannabe (56 k)
Photo: Partial Solar Eclipse 5/20/2012 (28 k)
Photo: Roses (143 k)
Photo: Sahuaro Sunset (101 k)
Photo: Solar Disk in focus (104 k)
Photo: Total Eclipse Aug 21 2017 at Weiser ID (145 k)
Photo: Venus Transit--2nd Contact (54 k)
Photo: Venus Transit--Close to Sunset (70 k)
Photo: Venus Transit--Well Inside Sun's Disk (70 k)

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