Username:  Ryder

Real Name:  Steve Zipp

Age:   68

Country/Location:  Northwest Missouri

17 Fender Telecaster Deluxe Thinline - Vin. Sunburst,
Rosewood Neck - Stock
15 Epiphone Casino Coupe - Natural - P90s - Stock
Upgraded tuners
13 Fender Cabronita Thinline - Transparent White,
Maple neck - Mexico - Stock
95 Epiphone Sorrento - Sunburst with Gibson P90s
American pots, switch, and jack.
83 Yamaha F335 Acoustic
68 SF Princeton Reverb - Jensen C10Q Reissue -
Stokes Mod
17 Fender Deluxe Telecaster Thinline - Stock
17 Bugera V22 - Stock
17 Carvin Vintage 16 - Stock
11 Fender Mustang 1 - Stock
Boss OD-3, Ibanez TS-7, Digi-tech Delay, Boss TU-2




How I found the FDP:

Date registered:  Dec 8th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1995 Epiphone Sorrento (18 k)
Photo: 1995 Epiphone Sorrento (190 k)
Photo: Amy - carbon pencil and watercolor (208 k)
Photo: Angel 2 (123 k)
Photo: Another (370 k)
Photo: Bible Stand (151 k)
Photo: bird painting (139 k)
Photo: Breedlove Stage Concert (214 k)
Photo: Bus Stop (457 k)
Photo: Casino Coupe (100 k)
Photo: Casino Coupe 2 (93 k)
Photo: Casino Coupe, ES 295, 339 Pro (301 k)
Photo: Ceiling mounted track or line (31 k)
Photo: College senior show (202 k)
Photo: Conte Crayon (429 k)
Photo: Douglas Fir dining room bench (409 k)
Photo: Downtown St. Joseph (273 k)
Photo: Elm Sculpture on walnut base - front (233 k)
Photo: Epiphone ? (73 k)
Photo: Gabe RIP (42 k)
Photo: Garage Stereo Cabinet (418 k)
Photo: Glue up (159 k)
Photo: hanging guitars (177 k)
Photo: ink and pencil (91 k)
Photo: James Burton (164 k)
Photo: jhawkr Uncle Wilbur (36 k)
Photo: KCFDP Jam 09 (162 k)
Photo: lap steel stand (127 k)
Photo: lap steel stand (331 k)
Photo: lap steel stand closeup (63 k)
Photo: lap steel stand parts (201 k)
Photo: Longhorn (211 k)
Photo: Lovers Lane (132 k)
Photo: Man Cave (128 k)
Photo: Mario (184 k)
Photo: New Old guitar (136 k)
Photo: Parker's Toy Box (205 k)
Photo: Pastel (245 k)
Photo: pen and ink illustrations (330 k)
Photo: Ranger Side Rails (433 k)
Photo: Slacker, CVH, VolKnob, Ryder at MF, K.C. Circa 03 (217 k)
Photo: Sorrento and others (253 k)
Photo: St. Joseph Skyline (294 k)
Photo: Tele Cabronita '13 (163 k)
Photo: Telecaster Deluxe Thinline (80 k)
Photo: Toybox for Grandson (114 k)
Photo: Truck...Before and After (373 k)
Photo: TX motor hanger (158 k)

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