Username:  Therealfrogman

Real Name:  Bob Ross

Age:   56

Country/Location:  Pueblo, Co

7 Telecasters
2 Strats
Nice Pedals
Moderate Talent
Sand paper




How I found the FDP:  Cannot remember

Date registered:  Nov 17th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: After beveling (89 k)
Photo: Baby camel (43 k)
Photo: Baja (84 k)
Photo: Baja and Road Worn (191 k)
Photo: Classic Vibe (92 k)
Photo: Clear nitro over road worn neck (68 k)
Photo: Couple of teles (54 k)
Photo: Fret slot (75 k)
Photo: Grounding area under bridge... 1993 Am Standard (55 k)
Photo: My Granddaughter Harlow (51 k)
Photo: My hardtail strat (55 k)
Photo: My new 72 Thinline (118 k)
Photo: Neck pickup ground wire (53 k)
Photo: Part of the family (95 k)
Photo: Parts Tele (99 k)
Photo: Pots (90 k)
Photo: Red 50's MIJ Strat (103 k)
Photo: Road worn and BDRI (221 k)
Photo: Rubber bands (30 k)
Photo: RW Neck with a splash of Nitro (68 k)
Photo: Stealth pups (84 k)
Photo: Taped fret ends (59 k)
Photo: Tele painting (90 k)
Photo: Tele painting1 (90 k)
Photo: Tele with rosewood strat neck (100 k)
Photo: The Harlow-Caster (121 k)
Photo: Thinline fret job (76 k)
Photo: WRHB schematic (98 k)

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