Username:  Waggler

Real Name:  Hal London

Age:   58

Country/Location:  Blue Jay, OH

Warmoth Strat
Warmoth Jazzmaster w/2 mini-humbuckers & scalloped neck
Warmoth Thinline Tele
Ibanez AWD-82T
Seagull Grand Acoustic-electric
Taylor 214ce-K DLX Acoustic
Fender F-35 Acoustic
Ovation 12 String Acoustic
Syrian Oud
Fender Super Champ
Boogie DC-3
Polytone Mini-Brute
ADA Rocket A10
Aelita (vintage early 80's USSR synthesizer)
Current Pedalboard:
Ernie Ball volume pedal
Boss SD-1
Dunlop 535 Q Wah
Line 6 DL4
Line 6 Roto Machine




How I found the FDP:  via

Date registered:  Mar 3rd, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Aelita Line Out Connector (109 k)
Photo: Barn rear view (364 k)
Photo: Barn side view (244 k)
Photo: Beau and Mom (60 k)
Photo: Beau living the life of Riley (69 k)
Photo: Beau, the big-footed cat (47 k)
Photo: Borrega Springs Scorpion (74 k)
Photo: Borrega Springs Sea Serpent (94 k)
Photo: Cat Lamp (102 k)
Photo: Cat Pumpkin (10 k)
Photo: Cottage Plot (109 k)
Photo: Cyborg Bunny (20 k)
Photo: Dead tree frog from man cave (213 k)
Photo: Firebush Fire (83 k)
Photo: Firebush Ice (78 k)
Photo: Flat Screen TV Installation (220 k)
Photo: Giant Leopard Moth (235 k)
Photo: Hoy (142 k)
Photo: Jam Finale Featuring Seth (90 k)
Photo: Kebabs (60 k)
Photo: Kroketten (156 k)
Photo: Latest Pedalboard (71 k)
Photo: Mancave ceiling fan (261 k)
Photo: Mancave electrical, AC/Heating, Lighting (233 k)
Photo: Mancave lighting (282 k)
Photo: Mancave Painted (230 k)
Photo: Mancave workbench light (199 k)
Photo: Ms. Mantis (40 k)
Photo: Murph examines the Moonlight Sonata with scholarly intent (44 k)
Photo: Murph playing, 3 weeks after 2 surgeries (128 k)
Photo: My SRY Signature Fender Coronado (51 k)
Photo: New Barn - View from loft (223 k)
Photo: New Barn - View up the stairs (196 k)
Photo: New Barn, October 2015 (272 k)
Photo: Newest Pedalboard (68 k)
Photo: Pixie (40 k)
Photo: Playing tops with Wagglette and Tanner (57 k)
Photo: Rainbow Hand (51 k)
Photo: Reconditioned 1976 Selmer Radial 2 Trumpet (with Scotty) (104 k)
Photo: Salton Sea - Old house, new house (96 k)
Photo: Salton Sea Stranded August 2014 (80 k)
Photo: Scalloped MasterBird (69 k)
Photo: Semi-Hollow Ibanez with Trem (58 k)
Photo: Shelving (36 k)
Photo: Soviet Synth DIN output jack repair (134 k)
Photo: Spector Bass Back (47 k)
Photo: Spector Bass Front (53 k)
Photo: Tele thinline build headstock w/ decal (79 k)
Photo: Tele Thinline build with Barden bridge (151 k)
Photo: Vista Point, Borrega Springs and Salton Sea (132 k)
Photo: Walnut Strat and Syrian Oud (151 k)

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