Username:  bluesbrian

Real Name:  

Age:   65

Country/Location:  US; Portland, OR

'78 Ibanez Artist semihollow
'13 Ibanez Artist AR420
90s California Arts Tele w/ Joe Barden Danny Gatton pickups
Larrivee OM-10 with Fishman pickup
Gold Tone Paul Beard resonatoe
Takamine acoustic 12 string
Loar acoustic 6 string
Generic beater lap steel

Conrad Blues Jammer
Johnson Mirage JTM50
Ampeg SuperJet



Comments:  I play in "Bridge City Blues Band" in Portland.

How I found the FDP:  By accident

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  5/12/18

Photo: '95 Sorrento (433 k)

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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