Username:  gdw3

Real Name:  Gordon Wimpress

Age:   53

Country/Location:  LA-la-land, CA

2015 Reverend Club King: semi-hollow blue burst, korina body, spruce top, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard. Stock humbucker in the bridge, GFS Mean 90 in the neck.
2012 Mike Lipe Twisted Soldato: Mahogany body, mango cap, maple neck w/ rosewood fingerboard, H-S-H pickup config w/ Amalfatano bridge & middle pickups, and a GFS Dream 180 in the neck, Hipshot tremolo & locking tuners, Graph Tech nut.
2008 Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus, desert burst, w/ Master Volume modification.
2005 American Series Stratocaster, w/ Lace Hot Gold pickups & volume kit, black w/ black pearl pickguard, & upgraded locking tuners.
'60's Japanese-made unbranded cool guitar. Sunburst, 2-pickup, 2 on/off switches, 2 vol, 1 tone, trem bar, rosewood fingerboard. Unbelievably clean and un-marked.
2012 Fender Precision Blacktop bass
Martin Backpacker.
Traynor WCV40WR combo -- amazing amp.
Fender Super Champ XD amp w/ Celestion G10 Vintage speaker. w/ Weber Beam Blocker.
Egnater Rebel-30 head.
Tube Works Tube Driver amp.
Line 6 DM-4 Delay, MM-4 Modulation Modeler.
Fulltone Plimsoul, Keeley-modded RAT pedal, VFE Alpha Dog distortion.
TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb.
BBE Benchpress compressor.
Rivera 1x12 + ports - amazing little speaker!
Vox Tonelab.
Hughes & Ketner Tubeman pre-amp.
Digital Performer, Pro Tools 9, Kontakt, Reason, Finale, Logic.
Lots of percussion & noisemakers.



Comments:  Half of the songwriting/performing duo YesGo. Former composer for film and t.v.; orchestrator and arranger; studio and live guitarist. Have led and been in lots of bands, from rock to reggae to acoustic to experimental. Former guitar player for the improv comedy group Baby Wants Candy in Hollywood. Tons of fun! More guitar and other music at:

How I found the FDP:  Metacrawler search engine

Date registered:  Feb 7th, 2006

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