Username:  guitargeezer

Real Name:  Bob White

Age:   68

Country/Location:  Hotlanta, Jawga

- 2014 Gibson Les Paul Traditional
- 2015 Gibson Les Paul Junior
- Tanglewood TW-15 acoustic
- Seagull S-12

- Cox Amplification 5E3 Ultimate Deluxe
- Suhr Badger 18 head
- Roland Microcube



Comments:  Re-discovered electric guitar after 35+ year layoff, and the FDP site has been invaluable. Lots of knowledgeable users who are willing to share insights.

How I found the FDP:  Searching Fender website

Date registered:  Mar 26th, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 2009 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Plus (74 k)
Photo: Atlanta Jam '06 pic (91 k)
Photo: Cast of $Thousands (54 k)
Photo: Classic Rock by C.F. Payne (50 k)
Photo: Cox Deluxe 5E3 Ultimate (69 k)
Photo: Early, early Geezer (21 k)
Photo: Ellen and Eric (54 k)
Photo: FDP Jam tradition (86 k)
Photo: Fender Custom Telecaster FMT HH (stock photo) (23 k)
Photo: Geezer and sidekick (60 k)
Photo: Geezer Family Portrait (23 k)
Photo: Geezer tours the Benedetto Guitar factory in Savannah, GA (45 k)
Photo: Geezer, Mojodelic and Jimi at the FDP Jam at Uncle Don's (36 k)
Photo: Gibson Les Paul Junior 2015 (118 k)
Photo: Grace Potter live (55 k)
Photo: guitargeezer and zenland @ my first Atlanta Jam (93 k)
Photo: guitargeezer, mojodelic and busta string at The Big House (435 k)
Photo: Headstock comparison-Gibson vs Tokai (42 k)
Photo: Les Paul Junior (back view) (121 k)
Photo: Les Paul Junior (neck back) (111 k)
Photo: Les Paul Junior back (125 k)
Photo: LP Junior (128 k)
Photo: Maybe a future purchase (46 k)
Photo: Mojo's earlier 50s Classic Strat (66 k)
Photo: Now my oldest pup (146 k)
Photo: Pimp my ride (67 k)
Photo: Pre-Geezer circa 1987 (10 k)
Photo: Some mighty fine geetar playin' by Joe Walsh & Steuart Smith (61 k)
Photo: Tanglewood TW-15NS (103 k)
Photo: The Eagles' at Atlanta's Piedmont Park (71 k)
Photo: Walter Trout's '73 Hardtail Strat (99 k)

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