Username:  hushnel

Real Name:  

Age:   65

Country/Location:  North Florida

Fender; Precision Special (1980), Telecaster, Vibro Champ (1970)

Other junk; home made Mahogany P-Bass "The Cuban" (see photo below), homemade Cigarbox Bass, various homemade gourd instruments, warmoth 5 string P/J, Martin 00-15, Martin 000-15S, Yamaha spanish guitar, SWR Studio 210, GK micro bass amp, Electar 10, Pignose and a battery powered amp I made for camping with the above Tele.

Wall hanger; my first bass Framus Atlantic, update; restored to working status.



Comments:  Some of the best cookies anywhere. Oh yeah and tons of Fender and Bass building information. First post Apr 19th, 2000 06:07 AM

How I found the FDP:  Linked from Fender

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: "The Cuban" (123 k)
Photo: 00-15 (18 k)
Photo: 1917 Martin Soprano Uke (72 k)
Photo: 1965 Framus (110 k)
Photo: 1984 FXST (50 k)
Photo: Bionic Bronco (42 k)
Photo: Cigarbox Bass Ukulele (37 k)
Photo: Cigarbox Bass Ukulele and amp (90 k)
Photo: First Band 1966 (26 k)
Photo: Gourd banjo ukulele (54 k)
Photo: Gourdulele 8-05-08 (52 k)
Photo: Guild Starfire (91 k)
Photo: Home, surrounded by history. (98 k)
Photo: Homedepot fretless (89 k)
Photo: Ibanez AFB200 (44 k)
Photo: Key West sunset (54 k)
Photo: Lou Tate Little Loomhouse Loom 1930s (58 k)
Photo: Massey Ferguson (195 k)
Photo: My custom made Kepasa (79 k)
Photo: Obsidian and deer femur (49 k)
Photo: Road Glide (62 k)
Photo: Silvertone Stratotone Jupiter 1 (55 k)
Photo: Silvertone Stratotone Jupiter 2 (69 k)
Photo: Silvertone Stratotone Jupiter 3 (76 k)
Photo: Singer 127, 1917 (98 k)
Photo: Singer 66, 1920 (100 k)
Photo: Spartan SAK Boned scales EDC for 30 years. (80 k)
Photo: Tele single coil P Bass (127 k)
Photo: The 1920s Gumby Headed Ukulele (63 k)
Photo: Vintage Tweed SAK (86 k)
Photo: Weirthime Superba B, 1870 (87 k)

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