Username:  j!mi

Real Name:  jim beirne

Age:   62

Country/Location:  NNJ

Fender Jimmy Vaughn Strat
Fender Jerry Donohue Tele
Fender '57 CRI Strat
Gibson CR8 Les Paul
Ibanez AS-200
Ibanez Artist AR-50
Rickenbacker 360-6 String
Arita Acoustic
Baby Taylor

1968 Fender Princeton Reverb
'57 Gibson GA-6 (tweed Dlx)
'59 5F6-A Fender Bassman
'66 Fender Champ
'68 Drip Edge Fender Super Reverb
'71 Twin Reverb (blackfaced)
Silvertone 1484 Twin Twelve
Louis Electric Twinmaster
McIntyre Bluesmaker
Traynor YBA-1 head
Mesa boogie Studio .22
Epi Valve Jr. 5W head
Fender Bassman head (custom circuit)
Flite 2x12 cab




How I found the FDP:  link from the Weber site

Date registered:  Vintage FDPer

Contributing Membership Expires:  3/8/18

Moderators: Chris Greene  Iron Man  reverendrob  

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