Username:  mroulier

Real Name:  

Age:   56

Country/Location:  Suburban MD.

2018 Warmoth Tele Project
2003 1952 AVRI Telecaster Reissue
2004(?) Fender Blackout Tele HH
1995 Ibanez Iceman Paul Stanley PS10-2
85 Gibson Flying V XPL
88 MIJ Fotoflame Strat Partsocaster
2007 American P-Bass Deluxe
87 MIJ Jazz Bass Special
86 MIJ Jazz Bass Special 32" Scale
86 MIJ Contemporary P-Bass red/black
86 MIJ Contemporary P-Bass "Boxer" (all black dbl-P pickups)
Cort Gene Simmons Axe Bass
Kramer Ferrington AC/EL Bass
Custom Warmoth Strat/P-Bass doubleneck
Washburn SBT-21 Acoustic-electric
Late 70's? Yamaha 12 String acoustic
Takamine FP361SEC(A)
Cordoba C5 Classical
Zachary Taylor "Lute-Guitar"
Epiphone Chet Atkins CEC Classical

Peavey Classic 30 Combo
Peavey Classic 30 Head and 112E Cab
Univox U4100 bass amp (1972?)
Roland Cube Keyboard amp
Gallien Krueger MB210 Neo Combo
G-K 800RB Bass amp
Ashdown ABM Mini 15" Speaker cab
Korg DTR-2000
& WAAAY TOO MANY! regular Boss pedals




How I found the FDP:  

Date registered:  Dec 4th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  11/14/19

Photo: '87-88 MIJ Fender Strat parts guitar (161 k)
Photo: 86 Jazz Bass Special (474 k)
Photo: Blue Dream Tele (17 k)
Photo: Cousin Basses! 86 MIJ Jazz Bass Special with '87(?) MIJ Boxer Double P-Bass (282 k)
Photo: Dean 8 String (277 k)
Photo: Fender Tel-Esquire Red body closeup (431 k)
Photo: Fender Tel-Esquire Red w/MIM body (412 k)
Photo: MIJ Floyd Rose Strats side by side. (77 k)
Photo: Warmoth Doubleneck Bass and Guitar (240 k)
Photo: Warmoth Group...Neck and Body (319 k)

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