Username:  picnic

Real Name:  Pete DeCuir

Age:   65

Country/Location:  NJ/FLA

Epi Dot 335 w/Classic 57's Cherryburst
Fender Tele partsocaster with Duncan's
Gibson Les Paul Classic 2008 1960s RI
Partsocaster JM body with Duncan's, Custom Shop neck, Callaham bridge and RS harness

97 Bill Mitchell Custom Dread Cutaway
70 Guild D-25 sunburst

Mesa Lonestar Special
Peavey Classic 30
Fender Mustang III
Fargen Blackbird 30

TU2 > VS Comp 66 > Menatone Red Snapper > Hall of Fame reverb

Armor Gold Planet Wave cables
Roland Keyboard and Amp
Yamaha Drums Ziljians,
Mackie, Peavey, Yamaha, Shure PA stuff
Lots of picks in the couch



Comments:  Great place to hang out with some cool dudes and dudettes. I have had the pleasure of meeting and playing with lots of FDPers. Fun times with good people

How I found the FDP:  Out surfing and paddled in

Date registered:  Oct 27th, 2005

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 11/30/11 (57 k)
Photo: Back steps (70 k)
Photo: BaconDog! (89 k)
Photo: ClamFest 3 (139 k)
Photo: FDP Inspired Overkill (362 k)
Photo: Gig Rigs 2009 BBQ tour (351 k)
Photo: Guest Guitarist Appearance (210 k)
Photo: It's Deep, not Depp (47 k)
Photo: Jersey has picked his Alpha (205 k)
Photo: Joshua Tree Natl Park The P's 2009 (280 k)
Photo: LoveFest in Action (286 k)
Photo: Mrs Picnic's Christmas Cookie HQ (65 k)
Photo: NAMM 2008 (439 k)
Photo: Nov 2013 gear (233 k)
Photo: South Florida FDP Jam 12/07 (398 k)
Photo: Staff Party Beer Pong is a college level course (353 k)
Photo: Vernon and Pete ClamFest May 06 (309 k)
Photo: West Point Football Tailgate Party 2009 (305 k)
Photo: West Point tailgate party (149 k)

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