Username:  shoebox22

Real Name:  Candace Cole

Age:   57

Country/Location:  Las Vegas, NV

Fuerstenburg Accoustic Guitar
Squier Bronco Bass (Black)
2004 American Jazz Bass (Sunset Orange Transparent)
Mesa Boogie Walkabout Scout combo 1 x 15 amp
Casio Privia PX 400R



Comments:  Old enough to know better. Young enough to do it anyway.

How I found the FDP:  RCinMempho made me do it. Honest.

Date registered:  Sep 26th, 2001

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1989 Single Mother of 3 (120 k)
Photo: Alex and Tiffany 2007 (44 k)
Photo: Arkansas Jam Corvettes 2003? - walshb and shoebox22 (40 k)
Photo: Blondie at the Bar (65 k)
Photo: Blondie on the Bar (50 k)
Photo: Chocolate Guitars (78 k)
Photo: Heather (48 k)
Photo: Indy (66 k)
Photo: Johnny Hiland (58 k)
Photo: Johnny Hiland's Pedal Board (76 k)
Photo: Lady in the Snow (22 k)
Photo: Las Vegas Flooding (37 k)
Photo: Looking out from the Bedroom Deck (89 k)
Photo: Margaritaville in the Mojave Jam 1 (111 k)
Photo: Margaritaville in the Mojave Jam 2 (75 k)
Photo: Margaritaville in the Mojave Jam 3 (120 k)
Photo: Mates (65 k)
Photo: MS Jam - RCinMempho, fendermama, jim canoe (36 k)
Photo: Nashville Jam - Uncle Pat, Censport and MY BASS (23 k)
Photo: Nashville Jam 2005 - RC and Shoe (27 k)
Photo: Not so appropriate office art (91 k)
Photo: Pal (70 k)
Photo: Pal (thru the fence) (129 k)
Photo: Pal 2008 (136 k)
Photo: PRS Heaven (55 k)
Photo: RC and Casual Travellers Reunion Gig 2007 (126 k)
Photo: Shoe at the Mic (with hair) (3 k)
Photo: Uncle Pat and RC (65 k)

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