Username:  stiggowitz

Real Name:  Mike Dickinson

Age:   73

Country/Location:  S.W.Washington

Tele partscaster, WD tobbaco s/b samick neck old set of emgs.
stew/mac parts caster 3burst/Rw/(Stage ax).
Epiphone aj500re. very nice guitar for the money
Tobacco burst Epi dot deluxe.
"95" PV transtube "bandit".
GR1 synth/gk2 pup
Squire (china) PJ Pretty decent bass
a bunch of projects...........
GK,MB115 bass amp.
Mustang III v2 """"""amp
An old Westone bass. Steinberger copy very light and plays well
Hadean 5 string bass
Classic vibe Tele.
Mustang II v2



Comments:  FDP, Great site, very user friendly, very addictive!

How I found the FDP:  thru fender site

Date registered:  Apr 16th, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  12/14/17

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