Username:  stratcowboy

Real Name:  

Age:   68

Country/Location:  USA/Taos, NM

American Standard Strat (1998), w/rosewood board, Fralin Vintage Hot pups, Callaham intonation and saddle screws

Fender/Warmoth Stratocaster (2011), new American Fender rosewood board neck, Warmoth swamp ash/flame maple *chambered* body, Fralin Vintage Hot pickups at the middle and neck, Fralin Blues Special pickup at the bridge, Callaham trem block and saddles

American Telecaster (1998), alder w/maple board, Fralin Blues Special bridge pup and Fralin Standard Tele neck pup, Callaham vintage style bridge w/3 compensated brass saddles

Guild F47RC w/D-Tar pickup system; natural finish, rosewood board, sides and back.

Allen Brown Sugar amp w/1-15" Weber ceramic California speaker

Allen Accomplice amp w/1-12" Weber ceramic California speaker

Fulltone Fulldrive-2

Fulltone Clyde Wah

Roland Microcube



Comments:  appreciate being able to share/receive information from other interested musicians

How I found the FDP:  long time...

Date registered:  Jan 31st, 2004

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Boss (103 k)
Photo: Guild F47RC back (128 k)
Photo: Guild F47RC profile (74 k)
Photo: Me and Blue (341 k)
Photo: Old mid-'60s refinished Strat (219 k)
Photo: Strat #1 (88 k)
Photo: Strat #2 (84 k)
Photo: Strat contours through history (231 k)
Photo: Tele (79 k)

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