Username:  super mario

Real Name:  Willie Tyndall

Age:   58

Country/Location:  USA

94 Mexican Strat - tobacco burst finish
96 Mexican "Squier Series" Strat - red finish
95 Mexican Strat - black w/maple neck
95 Peavey Reactor (tele copy) - white
97 Peavey Firenza w/Soapbar pickups
07 Mexican Telecaster - tobacco burst/maple neck
64 Princeton Reverb
64 Princeton BFWK
Pignose G60VR amp
76 Deluxe Reverb
00 Ibanez GSR205 Bass
88 Yamaha BB5000A Bass
80's Peavey Mark III Bass Head
02 Peavey 210 TBX Cabinet
05 Seagull Portrait Acoustic Electric
Various pedals incl Marshall Shredmaster, Marshall Drivemaster, Cmatmods Signa Drive, Maxon OD808, MXR Phase 90, BOSS CE5 Chorus, Boss DD3 Delay, EBS Temolo, Cmatmods Deelay, etc.
Too much drum stuff to list




How I found the FDP:  web search for fender amp stuff

Date registered:  Feb 2nd, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 07 Tele (53 k)
Photo: 07 Tele Body (54 k)
Photo: 07 Tele Bridge (59 k)
Photo: 07 Tele Headstock (50 k)
Photo: 07 Tele Rear (50 k)
Photo: 07 Tele Vol-Tone Wiring (66 k)
Photo: Compliments of that famous sub company (26 k)
Photo: Da Firenza (34 k)
Photo: Da Punch Beast (29 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - bottomless fuzz pot (62 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - circuit board backside (91 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - repaired internals (168 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - smiley (40 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - transistors (62 k)
Photo: Fuzz Face - unique feet (31 k)
Photo: Living Room Jam (67 k)
Photo: Me Red Strat (42 k)
Photo: MIJ Strat Body (81 k)
Photo: MIJ Strat Body Back (27 k)
Photo: MIJ Strat Body Front (32 k)
Photo: MIJ Strat Neck Pocket Markings (67 k)
Photo: My Sunday Rig (123 k)
Photo: New Mini Pedal Board (61 k)
Photo: New order Pedal Board (64 k)
Photo: OD-308 (264 k)
Photo: Pedal Squad (30 k)
Photo: Punched Pics (45 k)
Photo: Punched pics entourage (22 k)
Photo: Tech 21 Power Engine (55 k)
Photo: Tele times two (55 k)
Photo: Tele Wiring (71 k)
Photo: Tele Wiring main ground point (58 k)
Photo: The "A" team (31 k)
Photo: The Strat Relief Squad (33 k)
Photo: What model Eminence (51 k)
Photo: Yes I traded even for it (61 k)

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