Username:  tiller2

Real Name:  Andrew Trotter

Age:   58

Country/Location:  Washington DC

Silvertone 1454 archtop w/Bigsby 1965
Telecaster homebrew--2009 Fender 62 AVRI surf green body 2011 USA Fender maple neck, Rumple White Ropes pups
Stratocaster homebrew--2010 Fender Vintage Hot Rod '62 body MIM 60s Player neck, Fralin pups
Stratocaster, John Mayer sig, Oly White
Fender Standard Tele MIM 1992 wine red, Tex Spec pups
Gibson ES-137 Classic triburst 2004, 57/57+ pups
Gibson Les Paul Studio 2007 black, Dimarzio/SD pups, RS Guitarworks electronics
Gibson Les Paul Junior 2001 tobacco sunburst, RS Guitarworks electronics
Ibanez 2451 1977 natural (Gibson L6s clone)
Larrivee OM-3 acoustic
Ventura V-12 acoustic 1970
Martin LX1 acoustic
Horabe 35 classical

Other instruments:
Favilla soprano ukulele 1940s
Slingerland drum set 1980

Peavey Classic 30
Fender Blues Jr, modded
Vox Pathfinder 15
Roland Jazz Chorus 60
Roland Micro Cube

MXR Carbon Copy delay
Nobels OD-1
Boss BR-600
Digitech JamMan
Vox Wah

Peavey 685 powered mixer
Peavey Neo cabinets pair 12"
Traynor YM-1 monitor




How I found the FDP:  a friend's recommendation

Date registered:  Dec 14th, 2007

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: 1965 Silvertone 1454 (144 k)
Photo: 1965 Silvertone 1454 - after some work (98 k)
Photo: 1969 or 70 Ventura V-12 acoustic (357 k)
Photo: 1977 Ibanez 2451 Natural (83 k)
Photo: 2001 Gibson Les Paul Junior (98 k)
Photo: 2001 Gibson LP Jr - body chip (90 k)
Photo: 2004 Gibson ES-137 classic (278 k)
Photo: Backyard Surfer Tele (183 k)
Photo: Bone nut for a Gibson (46 k)
Photo: Console yourself with this - a '60s Magnavox (88 k)
Photo: Console yourself with this - a '60s Magnavox (88 k)
Photo: Damage to DeArmond X-150 (72 k)
Photo: Fender Mayer Strat 2 (103 k)
Photo: Gibson J45 Natural body 1995 (122 k)
Photo: Gibson Les Paul Jr "Chip" (103 k)
Photo: Larrivee Neck Damage No. 1 (74 k)
Photo: Larrivee Neck Damage No. 2 (39 k)
Photo: LP Jr fingerboard a slippery slope? (394 k)
Photo: LP Jr fingerboard a slippery slope? (394 k)
Photo: LP Jr fingerboard a slippery slope? (394 k)
Photo: LP Junior treble side of bridge weirdly high (121 k)
Photo: Martin D15M crack 1 (363 k)
Photo: Martin D15M crack 2 (380 k)
Photo: Martin D15M crack 3 (112 k)
Photo: Martin D15M crack 4 (477 k)
Photo: Martin D15M overall (135 k)
Photo: Mayer Strat (112 k)
Photo: Our home in the Maine woods (386 k)
Photo: Porch Surf Tele (177 k)
Photo: Slingerland drum set (96 k)
Photo: Strap woven on an inkle loom (85 k)
Photo: Stratocaster home-brew (178 k)
Photo: Surf Tele is reborn for 2014 (372 k)
Photo: Sweet SG Classic from 2004 (128 k)
Photo: Thinline project bare body (173 k)
Photo: Ventura - new bone nut (my first) (59 k)
Photo: Ventura guitar - crude jig for cutting saddle slot with Dremel (65 k)
Photo: Ventura guitar - new saddle slot (65 k)
Photo: Ventura guitar - saddle installed (59 k)
Photo: Young man & his goldtop (117 k)

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