Username:  vomer

Real Name:  

Age:   56

Country/Location:  Two layers bar tape

Geetar gear:
'84 SQ series Squier strat, black/maple, Callaham trem, CS54 pickups.
'74 Epiphone EA250 SOLD to make way for USACG strat build under way...
'04 Epiphone Sheraton II, with Bare Knuckle Mississippi Queen in the neck and TV Jones T-90 at the bridge; Grover 18:1 tuners, old bone nut, TonePros bridge, CTS & Switchcaft electrics with push-pull pot for middle position phase switching.
Epiphone PR200 acoustic.

Amps: for a bigger tube amp...
Grainger Valve Edition 5 (Epiphone Valve Junior clone) modded by Nigel Briggs, and with Power Scaling by MJW, and a Celestion 'Eight 15'.
Boss Katana 50 combo.

Mooer Yellow comp.
Coldcrat Harmonic Tremolo.
Digitech Hardwire CM-2 overdrive.
Artec ADL-2 Vintage Analogue Delay. (It's digital but built to sound analogue, great for slapback.)

Also in the room, mrs. vomer's bass gear:
Squier Bronco short scale bass
Michael Kelly Club Custom 4 long scale acoustic bass
Trace Elliot 65 1x15
Behringer flanger




How I found the FDP:  I fell in, drunk.

Date registered:  Jan 2nd, 2006

Contributing Membership Expires:  10/11/19

Photo: 'Pinz' brass bridge pins with abalone inserts. (424 k)
Photo: 1970's Rickenbacker 4001 Grover tuner (484 k)
Photo: Base of Custom 50's pup? (161 k)
Photo: Call me paranoid, but... (184 k)
Photo: Fender Custom Shop Coral strat (not mine!) (103 k)
Photo: Nice bevels! On possible Custom 50's pup. (99 k)
Photo: Pink '62 strat on the Virtual Guitar Builder (77 k)
Photo: Pot splines, fine & coarse. (39 k)
Photo: Rickenbacker 4001 tuners with tap & screw fix for failed rivets. (379 k)
Photo: YM-50 Strat switch (272 k)

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