Username:  wborys

Real Name:  

Age:   68

Country/Location:  Robbinsville, NJ

60's JBass, BlackWaterRiver Custom Acoustic,
Gretsch G5265 Baritone, Rogue VB-100,
Dean EAB Acoustic Bass
70's Strat, 2001 American Tele, Taylor 1998
510CE, Kay Doghouse Bass

POD, Fender Deluxe 112plus, Ashdown Mag300,
GK MB112, TC Electronics BH-250 Bass Head,
Klystron Mini 15 Cab.



Comments:  Guitar: Play Once-a-Month Mass, Charismatic Healing Service, visitation to homebound seniors, with singer. Bass: two Praise bands Love: Pickup sessions for 60's Rock and 70's FolkRock.

How I found the FDP: Site

Date registered:  Jan 4th, 2002

Contributing Membership Expires:  No information available.

Photo: Broken Crossover component (44 k)
Photo: CarpalTunnel (22 k)
Photo: Cicada Killer on patio (154 k)
Photo: Dad at 74 (69 k)
Photo: Dave Clark and Eyebrows (38 k)
Photo: even cheesier than the farfisa (7 k)
Photo: Harbor Freight Freebe's (26 k)
Photo: Hard Water, Douglass College 1973 (171 k)
Photo: How To Fix Anything (118 k)
Photo: HumongousBluePoints (83 k)
Photo: Iggy and the stooges (28 k)
Photo: Jaina In Blue. (46 k)
Photo: Just a Normal Eagles fan (77 k)
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Photo: Me and Jaina (31 k)
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Photo: OldFartBassPlayer's Recording Corner (247 k)
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Photo: Satanic Majesty's Special Request (33 k)
Photo: speaker cab (36 k)
Photo: Stage 1400HD Bass (97 k)
Photo: Thumbs (140 k)

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