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super mario

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tone to the bone no other way
Jun 18th, 2015 06:03 AM        

Just picked up a good used one at about half price of regular selling price. Been wanting an AC30 type sound (as I like the Brit Combo voicing on the MicroCube). Using this in front of the Tech21 Power Engine 60 way cool. Have it set up in the signal chain with my OD Pedals in front - the Liverpool acting as a pre-amp - followed by things like chorus and delay. What's the verdict? <br /> <br /> On its own: I am really liking the pedal. Played around with the voicings working from the "suggested" T21 starting points with the PE60 set flat (the tone stack on this is a +/- 12Db with it flat at noon), so what I am hearing is the Liverpool's character. So far I like it somewhere between AC30 "clean" and "shimmering" if that makes sense. This thing will get loud and can achieve highs that will make your ears bleed. Yet it is very volume sensitive, just roll back from 10 to say 7 and you sweeten right up. Dig in at 7 and you start to heard some break-up. More review info to come. The other question - how does work in front of a tube amp? That is the next testing phase as I have several "types" to work with (Peavey C30 (EL84 power), Two Blackface Princetons (Reverb/non-Reverb)(6V6 power), Silverface Deluxe Reverb(6V6 power), Pignose G60VR (6L6/5881 power), Peavey Keyboard amp (Solid State) and Crate 25 bass amp (Solid State))...will be interesting to see how each take to this little pedal.....<br /> <br /> With pedals: It works well with the OD pedals I've set up in the chain. They add drive to the pedal pushing it nicely into an overdrive/distorted tone with minimal noise added to the floor level. Post pedal (time based pedals) - really responded well. I heard it best with the delay as it seemed to bloom more, must be to the hotter output coming from the Liverpool. Again the floor noise change was minimal.

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