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Jun 3rd, 2017 07:27 PM        

Installing a lineout on a 59 Bassman RI LTD. <br /> Options are 104A, 254A, 504A, 105A, 104L, 254L, 504A, 105L (A=Audio, L=Liner). Lineout will be 1/4" <br /> <br /> Any help appreciated.



Jun 5th, 2017 03:07 AM        

The pot value will depend on the dropping resistor value selected.<br /> In your other thread, Steve suggested a circuit with a 5k or 10k pot.<br /> 10k may be indicated as 103, 5k as 502.<br /> If connecting to a line input, then linear may give better resolution; with a mic input, then perhaps an audio taper.

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