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Chris Greene's photos: Members of Kona Kai Surf Club, August 1964


That's me top right back in my surfer days (with the bushy blonde hairdo).

Burt Goldstein, now a Hollywood composer, is in the center and just sent me this never-seen-by-me photo. Burt and I were in junior high band together. We both played alto sax. I moved on to guitar, he moved on to piano. He got better and taught at UCLA before doing movie stuff. Upper row center is our good friend Josh Kruger (a sometime FDP poster). He and Burt were nextdoor neighbors back in the old neighborhood. I only recently, after 35 years, got back in touch with Burt. Josh and I have been friends all along.

The other guys I haven't seen since high school - Mac Tribolet, Mike Lorber, and Geoff Palmer.